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What Camping Guru Says:

These cotton canvas tents are Australia’s only 100% “Pure Cotton” – “Army Duck” Canvas tents. i.e.; they have no ‘oil based’ products woven through it (as known as rip-stop canvas). I actually have this tent myself and can’t believe how much it ‘breathes’ and is cooler compared to others.

The Flex-Bow Tent is:

High Quality – All 3 major fabrics are impeccable.

Floor: PVC Vinyl floor. Thick – tough – waterproof & the first seem-less vinyl floor he has ever seen that is 3mtrs wide (most vinyl is 2.5mtrs wide off the roll & requires joining unfortunately)

Canvas: 100% Pure Cotton – Army Duck – Double Fill canvas both longitude and latitude.

Zippers YKK: Very old & traditional Japanese company. They produce the world’s dearest & best quality zippers.

Is almost noiseless in windy weather (no noisy polyester synthetic fiber woven into it)

Is waterproofed with Silicon – It is virtually odourless & the waterproofing properties of silicon are amazing.

They are genuinely quick: They are Guy rope free. (Less to trip over & less to erect – most quick tents don’t factor the time spent to peg guy ropes for bad weather)
No separate fly required (doesn’t require a 2nd stage fly for waterproofing – most quick tents don’t factor the time spent to erect the “Required Waterproof” fly for bad weather)

Packing away easily: Handy strap-and cinch wrap carry bag – This tent folds (instead of being rolled) & the carry bag wraps around the tent (most tents have to be forced into a zippered carry bag)

Frame & tent are packed separate This makes for a more compact (doesn’t need to be stored on your roof rack) & is a more light weight manageable system. (Tents that have the frame & canvas fold together are more bulky – are heavier & can have the very real chance of cutting when folded & stored while in transit.)

Is tough – Both directional weaves are of the same strength in the canvas (most materials have one stronger & one weaker). Each strand of cotton is double filled (twice the strength)

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