Thank you for your purchase of this Longway Leisure Products Roof Tarp, customized for Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow tents. This add-on Roof Tarp is designed to keep the white roof clean and to create a darker environment in the early mornings. It is also designed to control the temperate of the tent by laminated roofs.

Here are the fitting instructions:

  1. Put the tarp on tent roof
  2. Fold up two triangle sides
  3. Insert a spring rod head into the pocket at corner of tarp
  4. Secure the tarp at the other end by using Velcro strip
  5. Repeat 3 & 4 for another side
  6. Pull down the triangle sides and secure with rope and peg if necessary
Product Detail Image | Longway Leisure


  • Pack Weight: 2 - 4kg
  • Tent Size: 2 person tent fully covered
  • Material: Pigment Coated 360gsm Canvas. Durable, watertight and breathable.