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Are we there yet?

If there is such a thing as a universal question during a road trip it may well be this … Are we there yet? On short or long road trips, this question seems always to come up, with often the answer being …“no, we still have a long way to go!”
Usually tired from the long drive, and frazzled from repeated “are we there yet” questions, travelers want desperately just to set up their canvas tent as quickly as possible and relax when they arrive at the camping site.

Since 1996 Longway Leisure has been manufacturing the finest quality sleeping bags, canvas tents and camper top tents for the international market. With our unique and innovative designs, Longway Leisure has become renowned for making and supplying premium quality canvas tents, swags, camper tops and sleeping bags, yet at affordable and competitive prices.

Now headquartered in Noosa, Queensland, Australia, the company continues to expand its reach in the global markets.

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